CNA Practice Test & Example Test Questions

If you feel that you are not ready to take the certified nurse assistant final examination, did you know that you can take a practice test? These tests are available for anyone that has completed a CNA training program. Students may take the practice exams to help them feel more confident when they are able to sit for the final CNA examination. You will not be penalized for taking the practice test multiples times or for your score on a practice test. These are solely to help you feel more at ease when it is time to take the ‘real’ test.

Understanding the Type of Exam Questions is Important

Before the trainees sit for the final exam, most have no idea what type of questions are on the test or what type of skills they will be asked to perform. It can be extremely stressful for a student if they have any worries about how they will perform. Practicing will help ease fears and also prepare the students by letting them know exactly how the test is structured.

Topics Covered on the CNA Practice Test

The training programs include topics on infection control, long term care, resident rights, communication, oral and other personal hygiene, roles that the nurse aides performs in a facility, teams and facilities, safety procedures, and also emergency response. The practice test will cover all of these topics in a multiple choice test and then a manual skills practice examination.

Practice tests and sample questions can be found at the following:

  • Nursing aide sites
  • Practice test sites
  • State based test information sites
  • Candidate handbooks
  • NNAAP Nurse Aide Practice Written Exam Packet
  • State owned sites

The following are sample questions taken from a certified nurse assistant practice test packet available from the NNAAP:

Exercises that move each muscle and joint are called:
(A) adduction
(B) range of motion
(C) abduction
(D) rotation

Answer:(B) range of motion

The Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrust) is used for a client who has:
(A) a blocked airway
(B) a bloody nose
(C) fallen out of bed
(D) impaired eyesight

Answer:(A) a blocked airway

Which of the following is a correct measurement of urinary output?
(A) 40 oz
(B) 2 cups
(C) 300 cc
(D) 1 quart

Answer:(C) 300 cc

BEFORE taking the oral temperature of a client who has just finished a cold drink, the nurse aide should wait:
(A) 10 to 20 minutes
(B) 25 to 35 minutes
(C) 45 to 55 minutes
(D) at least 1 hour

Answer:(A) 10 to 20 minutes