Rochester, NY Aide Abused Elderly Patient

A nurse aide that worked in the Medina Memorial Hospital was charged with abusing an elderly patient she was in charge of. The events unfolded in May, 2012 in front of witnesses. The daughter of the elderly 80 year old woman was distraught after hearing the actions of the now former employee.

Bessie Brady, 80, was admitted to Medina Memorial for a blood transfusion the night before Mother’s Day. Instead of receiving just a transfusion, she received horrendous by former employee Tamara Jefferies, 24. Ms Brady’s daughter was quoted as being upset she had not stayed all night with her mother. Loretta Lewandowski stated, “I feel like I dropped the ball. I feel like I should have stayed although I know there was nothing I could have done.”

Mrs. Lewanowski is correct in her statement that there was nothing she could have done. Two nurses witnessed Jefferies’ actions and were unable to stop the abuse.

Ms Brady, the abused, stood up from her chair in the early hours of the morning as she had been staying overnight for observation. The nurses state that Tamara Jefferies ran over to Ms Brady, pushed her down into the chair hard enough to be described as ‘slammed’ and punched the elderly woman. Jefferies grabbed the older woman by the neck and arm to slam her into the chair which caused Ms Brady’s face to hit the back of the chair. The older woman reportedly had neck, back, and shoulder pain after the incident.

As if the actions of Jefferies was not horrible enough, she was reported to say to the nurses, “I’m going to hurt her” – referring to Ms Brady. When the nurses tried to step in she told them, “I don’t care (expletive). Fire me.”

The nurses and Ms Brady’s daughter were shocked to the core. However, the two nurses stood up for the patient’s rights and reported Jefferies immediately. Other aides were just as disgusted by the actions of one of their own and avoided Jefferies until Medina administrative staff placed her on administrative leave pending investigation even before the end of her shift.

Ms Brady’s daughter commended the nurses for their actions in reporting Jefferies. She expressed that she believed that they would have been worried about repercussions and more for the rights of ‘one of their own’, but we healthcare workers understand that the good of our residents and patients are far more important than the feelings of an abusive aide. These nurses did the right thing and as of June 2012, Tamara Jefferies is no longer employed by Medina Memorial Hospital.


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